Shashank Joshi

War & Conflict

Egypt, Libya and the cost of retaliation

Are we looking at a new era of Egyptian regional activism?

Science & Technology

A new US-India defence relationship

The flow of US weaponry to India to 'rebalance' Asia - at a price, of course.


Afghanistan at crucial juncture

Can western governments persuade their people that after years of war, Afghanistan must stay on financial life-support?

Science & Technology

Iran nuclear talks: The final stretch

If diplomacy fails and Iran's nuclear programme resumes, the prospect of an Israeli or US war returns to the picture.


Obama, Modi and the 'big bang' theory

Modi's challenge is the same as it always was; to improve India's ability to detect and disrupt terr

War & Conflict

Beyond al-Qaeda: 13 years after 9/11

We are used to so-called terrorist states; but state-like terrorists have been rarer.


Iraq, ISIL and the region's choices

Even if ISIL is halted before it reaches Baghdad, it has left virtually every regional actor scrambling for a response.


Geneva II: Out of ideas

Hectoring speeches and an acrimonious mood mark opening sessions of Syrian peace talks in Switzerland.


What does Saudi Arabia want?

Betrayed by the West's deal with Tehran, Saudi Arabia is weighing its options.