Sarah Mousa

Arts & Culture

Egypt: Making art public

Street artists seek validity through the public's appreciation, rather than formal art institutions.


The changing face of Tahrir Square

At the symbolic centre of the Arab uprisings, recent infrastructural changes reflect shifting power dynamics.


Palestinian pawns: Egypt's refugees

Author visits the "informal village" of Palestinians with no basic rights - not even official refugee status.


The US 'increasingly irrelevant' to Arab audiences

The Arab uprisings have transformed many peoples' views on the role played by the US in their region, writes Mousa.


Layers of resistance

In Egypt, murals aren't a form of art - they are an act of protest.


Commemorating the United Arab Republic

The Nasser government was certainly not flawless, but remains among the most celebrated of modern Arab times.


Port Said: New centre for Egypt's revolution

As martyrs continue to fall in Port Said, in Tahrir and across the country, "the Morsi government is losing legitimacy".


Voting for Egypt's constitution

Polling stations across Egypt seemed to be marred with irregularities - is no one in charge?


Notes from Gaza

The current assault on Gaza is reminiscent of what happened nearly four years ago, but Gazans continue on.


Democracy versus Tahrir

The youth of Egypt's revolution did not give their lives so that people could vote, but for social justice and freedom.


Palestinian hunger strikers breathe life into ongoing Egyptian revolution

Egyptians seeking an end to military trials emulate a new tool in the arsenal of Palestinian protesters: hunger strikes.


A step towards democracy in Egypt?

While the presidential election may not be held in perfect conditions, the poll was unthinkable just over a year ago.