Sarah Kendzior

Human Rights

The wages of discrimination

As income inequality now rivals that of the gilded age, scrounging for survival has become a mainstr

Human Rights

St Louis' sons, taken too soon

Decades of violence and discrimination have to be examined to start the process of healing St Louis.

War & Conflict

The telegenically dead

Why Israel and its supporters fear Gaza's dead.

US & Canada

Water is a human right, but who is considered a human being?

Detroit residents face water cuts, which deny them the basic human right of access to water.

Business & Economy

Mourn the fall of the mall

The symbol of US consumerism, the shopping mall, is crumbling.

US & Canada

The peril of hipster economics

When urban decay becomes a set piece to be remodelled or romanticised.

Poverty & Development

College is a promise the economy does not keep

Has college become less about education and more about purchasing credentials for flawed job market?

US & Canada

US foreign policy's gender gap

US foreign policy needs greater diversity of skill and ideas, more women and a breakdown of economic barriers.

US & Canada

Blame it on the internet

In authoritarian regimes, the demonisation of social media is a transparent play for power.


When mainstream media is the lunatic fringe

Digital media gives cruelty, new visibility, but does the prestige of old media give bigoted ranting respectability?


Expensive cities are killing creativity

New York City, a traditional incubator for artists, has now become a 'gated citadel' for creativity.


Charity is not a substitute for justice

Poor Americans need higher salaries, not food drives.