Sarah Jaffe

Poverty & Development

Who cares for Chicago's children?

Mass school closures in the US' third-largest city will disrupt students' lives and put their safety at risk.

Arts & Culture

Why we feel for Gatsby even though he is awful

Although it fails to impress, the latest adaptation of The Great Gatsby finds relevance due to the financial straits.

Business & Economy

Why 'unions don't like' Penny Pritzker

Pritzker's nomination as Secretary of Commerce shows how the Democratic party is leaning towards the rich, notes Jaffe.


The battle for paid sick days highlights Christine Quinn's flaws

Christine Quinn shouldn't be lambasted for unruly behaviour - she should be lambasted for petty politics.

US & Canada

Chained CPI: A direct attack on middle class and working class people

Instead of cuts and tax hikes on working people, elderly and veterans, it is time for "higher taxes on the wealthy".