Sandy Tolan


Edward Said and his quest for a just peace

The scholar's quest for 'an alternative way of making peace' is chronicled in Tolan's upcoming book.

Arts & Culture

Over the Wall to play Beethoven in Jerusalem

The Ramallah Orchestra's journey through - and over - Israeli barriers to star in the Holy City.

Arts & Culture

The system in place

The arrest of acclaimed musician, Oday Khatib, sheds light on Israel's draconian system of arrest and detention.

US & Canada

Egypt: Food for a revolution

A mass urban migration has taken hold in Egypt as the agricultural sector focuses on luxury exports instead of bread.

US & Canada

It's the occupation, stupid

Whatever transpires at the UN, the world should focus on what is happening on the ground in Palestine.

US & Canada

Visions collide in a sweltering Tahrir Square

Protest designed to show Egyptians' unity exposed fundamental divisions within the country's society.


Picasso comes to Palestine

After an odyssey that underscored the realities of Israeli occupation, Picasso's 'Buste de Femme' arrives in Ramallah.


June 7: The anniversary nobody remembers

A secret meeting 44 years ago could have changed the course of Middle Eastern history. But it never happened.


The surreal state solution

Following Obama's weak speeches and Netanyahu's rejection of any compromise, Palestinians look elsewhere for support.

Arts & Culture

Palestine comes to Hollywood

Despite its flaws, 'Miral' marks the first time anyone has tried to tell just a Palestinian story in Hollywood.


Pushing for a Palestinian Tahrir

Feeling abandoned by their political leadership, Palestinian youth are pushing for change.


Two-state solution: A postmortem

In the wake of the Palestine Papers and the Egyptian uprising the 'peace process' as we know it is dead.