Samer Abboud

Syria's Civil War

Trump is no global humanitarian or friend to Syrians

Analysis: The more obvious reason for Trump's attack on a Syrian airbase was to silence dissent and whip up patriotism.

Syria's Civil War

What would safe zones mean for the Syrian conflict?

Safe zones represent a solution to the symptom and not the larger problem.

Syria's Civil War

After Aleppo's fall: 'Nobody can claim victory'

A quick take on some of the key questions about what next for Syria's war.

Battle for Aleppo

Syria's war: What went wrong in east Aleppo?

The collapse of the armed opposition in Aleppo has removed the major military threats to regime advancement.

Middle East

Syria's war: The hypocrisy of US-Russian cooperation

With no other military or political solution on offer, the Syrian conflict will nestle back into a disastrous stalemate.

Middle East

Analysis: Russia-US deal unlikely to end Syria's war

The agreement's narrow military focus ignores the key question of political transition.

Middle East

Russia's draft constitution: End of Syria's Baath era?

The makeshift constitution is the latest effort to model post-conflict Syria in the Russian vision.

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Syria Civil War: 'The sky is falling' in Aleppo

Aleppo has come to symbolise the devastation wrought on Syria and its population.

Syria's Civil War

The Syrian conflict does not end here

As we enter the sixth year of the conflict, we are further away from a sustainable solution than at any other point.

Syria's Civil War

Syria War: What you need to know about the ceasefire

While chances that the ceasefire will hold are slim, it may lead to humanitarian access throughout the country.

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Syria's future shaped by Russian designs

Analysis: Russian intervention is about the worst options for Syria's future - either ISIL or the Syrian regime.

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Analysis: Is Iran really pulling out of Syria?

The notion of an imminent Iranian retreat from Syria should be viewed with scepticism.