Salah Nasrawi

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What is Trump's next move in Iraq?

With a new president, the US needs a bold Iraq initiative to move beyond the wreckage left by previous administrations.

Middle East

Why Iraq needs more than a military victory in Mosul

ISIL's Kirkuk onslaught serves as a reminder that Iraq is still in the grip of war with a ferocious enemy.

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Iraq: Fallujah is liberated, now what?

What will the Iraqi government do with its hard-won military victory in Fallujah to make it politically sustainable?

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Five years on: The world without Bin Laden

The trail of Bin Laden's legacy has been long and overwhelming.

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Iraq's new government: Not exactly a breakthrough

Iraq's PM presented his new cabinet line-up to parliament, but political crisis is unlikely to go away.

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What are the reasons behind Muqtada al-Sadr's return?

Muqtada al-Sadr has grand ambitions for Iraq, and self-confidence to match. But he has yet to show how he will deliver.

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Heikal, Egypt's most famous journalist, dies at 92

Muhammad Hassanein Heikal was well-recognised for his distinguished career in journalism and political experience.

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Baghdad Fence: A security measure or a new barrier?

The move reinforces worries about a creeping partitioning of Iraq.


Desert Storm through the eyes of an Iraqi reporter

As Iraq braced for war with the US, Iraqi AP reporter Salah Nasrawi was torn between journalistic duty and patriotism.

Middle East

No end in sight for Iraq's nights of terror

A victory against ISIL will depend on an inclusive Iraqi government and new national security forces.

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Can Iraq survive the Iran-Saudi row?

Analysis: The Iranian-Saudi rupture threatens to derail Iraq's war efforts against ISIL.

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Analysis: The fate of Mosul in Turkey's hands?

Turkey keeps the world guessing as it moves militarily in Iraq - but it's all about geopolitics.