Robert Reich


The budget wars: The battle over the debt ceiling

The battle over the fiscal cliff might be over, but the political battle between the different parties will continue.


Four reasons why Romney might still win

Don't count Romney out of the race yet - he could still pull off an unlikely victory, writes scholar.


Paul Ryan's faux populism

Ryan's proposed budget doesn't shrink government by cutting benefits and payments to big business and the rich.


The Ryan choice

Ryan is not a firebrand... He "doesn’t ooze contempt for opponents or ridicule those who disagree with him".


The terrible economy and the anti-election of 2012

Amid financial turmoil, both candidates prefer to attack each other than to lay out an economic vision.


The big-lie coup d'etat

The super-rich and privileged have been fabricating truth in order to entrench it in the American psyche.

Poverty & Development

Stop starving public universities, shrinking the middle class

In the US, the rich should pay more taxes so that higher education is more affordable for the middle- and lower-class.


Corporations don't need a tax cut, so why is Obama proposing one?

US companies are making big profits and paying few taxes, but presidential candidates want to lower tax rates further.

Business & Economy

Manufacturing illusions

Improvement in the US manufacturing sector obscures the fact that workers, by and large, aren't sharing in the gains.


The downward mobility of the US middle class

More and more people in the US are living in poverty - yet Mitt Romney's policies would further shred the safety net.