Robert Grenier

Robert Grenier is a retired, 27-year veteran of the CIA's Clandestine Service and a former director of the CIA's Counter-Terrorism Center.

In addition to his writing and lecturing, he currently chairs ERG Partners, a financial consultancy firm.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump and the foreign policy elite

Trump-style realpolitik is taking a hammer to long-standing US foreign policy norms and the Washington establishment.


Israel Lobby: Insidious threats should be feared

As Al Jazeera exposes a brazen influence campaign in the UK, a retired CIA official explores the boundaries of lobbying.


Past as prologue: The Bin Laden dossier

Long-suppressed report finds Pakistani government was negligent, inefficient, and incompetent in the bin Laden affair.

US & Canada

Petraeus: Victim of American infantilism

A feckless violation of the General's personal life has cost the US one of its top public servants.


The US and Iran: Calling Netanyahu's bluff

Now that the US has in effect called Netanyahu's bluff, will the Israeli leader make a fateful throw of the dice?


The US in Syria: Hiding behind the CIA

The CIA is being used to reconcile the inherent contradictions in the administration's approach to the uprising.


Islamophobia and the Republican Party

Republican politicians' attack on a Muslim State Department official echoes the Communist witch-hunts of an earlier era.

US & Canada

Terrorism, responsibility and bad neighbours

Pakistan should acknowledge and address the deadly threats emanating from its ungoverned territories.


Mali: Counter-terrorism and the benefits of doing nothing

The best course open to the US, lest Mali become the next Yemen, might well be to continue to watch, wait - do nothing.


Afghanistan: Intimations of a future peace

Even in a country ravaged by terror and political myopia, there is still reason to hope for the future, says author.


Egypt's echoes of Algeria

Twenty years ago, Algeria's military cancelled elections when it became clear that Islamists would win.


The US, Afghanistan and the 'India card'

Involving India in the US war in Afghanistan could further polarise Pakistan and turn the country into a proxy war.