Richard Munang

Richard Munang is Africa Climate Change and Development Policy expert.

Poverty & Development

Volunteerism: A prerequisite for Africa's progress

The continent's future lies in the hands of the youth who can successfully harness agriculture and clean energy.

Poverty & Development

Needed billions leaving Africa yearly

Africa needs financing for development projects that will operationalise the development strategies.


Was Warsaw enough to address climate challenges in Africa?

Much needs to be done before the 2015 climate change conference in Paris.


Africa's action plan for climate change

Africa should not wait to take action on global warming.


Africa's top priority

New studies point to extreme environmental disruptions in store for Africa, prompting leaders to seek regional remedies.


Adapting Africa to changing climates

To avoid potentially massive human suffering, countries must improve their climate change policies.


How Africa can feed itself in the face of climate change

With climate change exacerbating the food insecurity crisis, the solutions to feeding Africa lie with itself.


Africa and climate change: What's at stake?

Climate change predictions show a very bleak future for Africa. Funding for adaptation should be on the global agenda.