Riada Asimovic Akyol


Turkey's pervasive political and social polarisation

Harsh, patriarchal and communitarian political culture and excessive chauvinism are keeping the country in deadlock.


Remembering Dayton: The accord that ended Bosnian war

Yet, it remains a horrible basis for successful state-building.


On Erdogan and Muslim mothers

Are Erdogan's remarks on women's nature and role as mothers reflected in Islamic scriptures?

Arts & Culture

How a women-only beach split Turkish society

The debate on the women-only beach in Antalya hints at the extreme poliarisation within Turkish soci

Business & Economy

Turkish women's informal work - a complex story

Many Turkish women struggle with accessing formal employment and adequate social security.


Remembering Srebrenica

Attempts to deny the Srebrenica genocide and to whitewash the history of the Yugoslav wars continue.

Human Rights

How can we stop honour killings?

Changing notions of honour and a better understanding of religion can help stop honour killings.