Rebecca Vincent


Azerbaijan's 'AppGate'

Azerbaijan's election has been tainted by a host of bizarre events, crowned off by a mystical smart phone application.

Science & Technology

The dangers of online criticism in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani journalists, bloggers and activists are facing serious offline consequences for their online activities.


Jamming in Azerbaijan: Foreign news outlets unable to broadcast

Three broadcasters appear to have been targeted for transmitting alternative news coverage into Azerbaijan.


When the music dies: Azerbaijan one year after Eurovision

As was the case with former Eurovision host Azerbaijan, sometimes it's better not to boycott them.


Stage set for UN showdown over human rights practices in Azerbaijan

Two key UN bodies in Geneva are gearing up to examine Azerbaijan’s poor human rights record.


As international scrutiny fades, Azerbaijan scrambles to silence critics

Civil society is under attack at unprecedented levels, as Azerbaijan wages a vicious campaign to silence its critics.