Ranj Alaaldin

Ranj Alaaldin is a Visiting Fellow at Brookings Institution Doha. He specialises in Iraq and the modern history of the Middle East and holds a PhD from the London School of Economics and Political Science. 

Middle East

Legalising PMF in Iraq: Why it's not all bad news

Integrating Shia militias into the Iraqi state is a good way to limit their powers and control them.


Why the Turkey-KRG alliance works, for now

Trade, Iranian influence and regional instability are drawing Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan closer than ever before.

War & Conflict

Turkey has no choice but to accept a Syrian Kurdistan

Turkey will soon have to contend with a Western-backed nation-building exercise in Syrian Kurdistan.


Backing the Kurds will stabilise Iraq

Empowering the Kurdish forces is an important move in the fight against the Islamic State group.