Raji Sourani


Operation Cast Lead five years on: 'We are still demanding justice'

ICC should take concrete steps to ensure justice is served for the victims of Israel's aggression in Gaza in 2008-2009.


Time for the ICC to act on Palestine

A clear and urgent need for judicial intervention is needed for Palestinians who continue to be marginalised.


The Palestinian people are still waiting for justice

On Human Rights Day, it's important to highlight that 64 years on, Palestinians are still waiting for justice.


History is repeated as the international community turns its back on Gaza

As was the case in Operation Cast Lead, the international community is once again turning its back on Gaza.


No justice for the victims of Gaza

The failure to properly investigate and punish injustices in the Samouni family case is a crime itself.


Despite swap, Gaza remains imprisoned

While 1,000 Palestinian prisoners will be released, 1.8 million people living in Gaza are still not free.


Changes to UK law didn't protect Tzipi Livni

A London judge ordered a former Israeli foreign minister's arrest, but the UK is preventing this.