Rajeshree Sisodia

US & Canada

London's bout with 'Olympicitis'

The UK government claims the Olympics will be a boon for the economy - but the long-term benefits are iffy, says author.

United Kingdom

Race relations in Britain: How far have we really come?

There has been progress in attitudes toward race since the murder of Stephen Lawrence, but change is still needed.


Biopiracy in India: The case of the aubergine

A lawsuit in India alleges that a US biotech firm genetically modified local seeds without permission.


Afghanistan's opium babies

Three-month-old Kheyamadin is a docile baby. Lying cocooned in the traditional Afghan Turkmen bright hues of tight silk swaddling clothes, he rarely cries. But the reason for his calm demeanour is not a pacifier, toy or milk - it is opium.


Sikhs quitting Afghanistan

After living in Afghanistan for more than two centuries, economic hardship is pushing many in the country's dwindling Sikh community to emigrate to India, their spiritual homeland.


Freedom elusive for Afghan women

With a pink and black shawl draped over a heavily made-up face and wearing jeans and tennis shoes, Diana Azimi is the epitome of the new Afghanistan.


Odds stacked against Afghan media

Ali Mohaqiq Nasab, a magazine editor, understands the heavy price to be paid in Afghanistan for pushing the blurred boundaries of press freedom.