Rachel Shabi

United Kingdom

To save the left – look to Britain's Labour party

To win back popular support, it seems that the left only needs to remember that it is, unashamedly, the left.


Angela Merkel is not the great progressive messiah

Trump's populism needs to be defeated, but pinning all hopes on false saviours like Merkel is not the way to do it.


Milo and the hypocrisy behind free speech claims

His case showed us that the erroneous invocation of 'free speech' is effectively providing cover for hate spewers.

Donald Trump

Is this really how fascism takes hold in the US?

When dealing with current politics, we don't want to belittle history, but can't underplay reality either.


Scapegoating foreign aid

British foreign aid is not to blame for poverty and failed social services in the UK.


The media we need in 2017

Post-truth is a symptom not the disease, while we need a media that challenges rather than normalises the far-right.


Don't ditch diversity because progressives failed

It is vital to see protest votes under economic pressure but not to the extent that ignores other motivating forces.


How Europe's far-right feasts on Trump's victory

Europe's refugee and economic crises have created conditions for the far-right to exploit Trump's success.

Arts & Culture

Reversing the anti-refugee discourse with art

While Europe seems to be losing humanity in the face of a refugee crisis, a counter-wave of artistic events is emerging.

Human Rights

Human rights law is not a scam

In armed conflict, human rights law is the best protection, for civilians and soldiers alike.

David Cameron

After David Cameron we are left only with mistakes

The inequality and hardship that Cameron actively exacerbated in the UK made the EU referendum impossible to win.

Human Rights

Burkini ban: New wave of French 'mission civilisatrice'

Much like the burkini ban, French colonialism saw a moral duty to educate and liberate populations across North Africa.