Rabia Mehmood

Rabia Mehmood is an independent journalist and researcher based out of Pakistan, with interest in religious persecution, gender and human rights. She is a contributing editor with Tanqeed, and was the 2010 IWMF Neuffer Fellow at MIT.


Pakistan's violent cyberspace: No place for dissent

The online war against the abducted four bloggers and an activist in Pakistan continues.

Human Rights

Bigotry against Ahmadis, a constant in Pakistan

It is an established truth that Pakistan is not good to its citizens who do not practise mainstream faith.

Human Rights

The killing of Qandeel Baloch: Honour meets technology

Irrespective of whether offline violence affects the online or vice versa, both mirror and strengthen each other.

Human Rights

The neverending plight of Christians in Pakistan

Christians are not only "soft targets" for the militancy, but also victims of socioeconomic and political exclusion.

Human Rights

Pakistan's honour killing epidemic

The stoning of Farzana Parveen provoked media attention, but cases like hers rarely lead to perpetrators' imprisonment.


Journalism in Pakistan, a threatened existence

Journalists in Pakistan face threats and violent attacks while trying to report on sensitive subjects.