Paul Seils

War & Conflict

Syria: No justice without return of displaced

A stable ceasefire is the only possible means for helping displaced Syrians to return to home.


Integrity of Kenya's Truth Commission Report must be restored

Allegations have been made that the president's office has interfered with a report on human rights violations in Kenya.


Are we still committed to human rights for all?

The institutions and states that support fundamental human rights must act honestly, honourably and effectively.


Peace talks with FARC a chance for reimagining the Colombian state

Although President Santos deserves credit for his statesmanship, talks with FARC is only one element of the problem.

US & Canada

Forced 'disappearances' a crime against humanity

While the Obama administration has taken steps to limit the practice of forced disappearance, some forms of it continue.


International Justice Day: Accountability breeds dignity

On July 17, advocates mark achievements in international justice while demanding more action.


ICC's Kenya decision is no cause for celebration

Even though the ICC has charged four people with crimes against humanity for the 2007 violence, the state must also act.