Paul Rosenberg

Paul H. Rosenberg is Senior Editor at Random Lengths News, an alternative bi-weekly newspaper in the Los Angeles Harbour Area. Prior to that, he freelanced primarily as a book reviewer, specialising in serious non-fiction - history, science, culture, politics, public policy, etc. Rosenberg runs the site, Merge Left - a community of progressive thinkers free to submit their own content.


Obama-JFK: No end to similarities

Drawing parallels between Kennedy and Obama, it is evident that the US needs a very different way of thinking of 'war'.


The American South as self and other

Slavery was a global institution, not a Southern one; its legacy, in the form of the Tea Party, is global too.


Extremists tried to destroy the US, now it's the moderates turn

The 'grand bargain' Obama still wants to strike would deplete US' battered middle class and harm the global economy.


'Balanced' coverage ignores nine reasons why the shutdown is a GOP Idea

Ignoring, denying or minimising such evidence in the pursuit of false balance dangerously mis-represents the news.


US Civil War redux

A Southern-based minority-within-a-minority is furiously opposed to letting the will of the majority be realised.


Destroying the government

Having run out of ideas on how to govern, the American right has turned against the very concept of governing.


The US needs to adopt a new mythos that's not at war with facts

From guns to health care, conservatives push a mythically-driven politics that's actively hostile to facts.


Avoiding the US's next grand delusion

Paul Rosenberg discusses Syria, the US, and historical parallels with Vietnam with historian Robert Mann.


Obama's error: Getting beyond the 'smart war' syndrome

Contrary to the president's assumptions, the only smart war is the one you don't fight.


Syria isn't Iraq, but the similarities outweigh the differences

The US public has a firmer grasp of history than does Washington's elites.


Obama is closer to Nixon than to MLK

The US president's militaristic foreign policy shows how far removed he is from the civil rights leader's ideas.

US & Canada

The 'Dream Defenders' would defend us all

The 'stand your ground' law affects more than African Americans - it affects everyone.