Patricia Vieira

Central African Republic

On women and children

Is it wrong to use the expression 'women and children' when reporting on disasters or war zones?


Will 'The Hunger Games' spark a revolution?

The rebel fervour of the new Hollywood film is unlikely to last longer than its theatre screening.

Poverty & Development

Literature matters: Does reading make you smarter?

Literature breaks the continuum of the everyday and makes us stop and think, notes Vieira.

Arts & Culture

The Hobbit: What's in a prequel?

The popularity of The Hobbit and other prequels makes us reflect upon the reasons why this film genre is so attractive.

Arts & Culture

James Bond's 'Skyfall', or the decadence of the West

Is 'Skyfall' telling us that, like Bond, Europe should to go back to its roots for regeneration?


Fortuna's dark side: Politics 'contra' fatalism

Unlike fatalists, tragic heroes do not give up in the face of fate; rather, they act against all odds, write authors.


Art and the language of things

Inanimate objects may communicate a meaning or intent through their juxtaposition with other objects, and with us.