Olesia Markovic

War & Conflict

Europe's brand new rogue states

The local population of the breakaway regions in Eastern Ukraine lives in constant insecurity and de


Ukraine elections: Luke Skywalker vs Princess Leia?

Ukraine's two leading presidential candidates are both pro-EU. So what sets them apart?


Ukraine and the separatist manifestos

The situation in Ukraine has recently escalated with attacks on public administration buildings in the east.

Business & Economy

A destitute country: Can Ukraine survive its economic crisis?

Ordinary Ukrainians are already feeling the effect of the post-revolution economic downturn.


Violence, death and a failed political process in Ukraine

As violence escalates in Ukraine, the possibility for a peaceful solution to the crisis is shrinking.


Ukraine: At the point of no return

As the police violence intensifies, protesters consider their options.


Ukraine: A new island of dictatorship in Europe

The new legal amendments passed by the Ukrainian parliament aim to curb the ongoing anti-government protests.