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Lebanon's Christians bury the hatchet amid turmoil

Two arch-rivals have resolved their differences, raising hopes that Lebanon will finally be able to select a president.

War & Conflict

Hezbollah targets Israeli troops on Lebanon border

Lebanese Shia group says explosion in Shebaa Farms area was to avenge killing of its commander Samir Kantar last month.

Middle East

Besieged Syria rebels evacuated in rare deal

Wounded fighters evacuated with families by bus and ambulance as part of deal that also gives safe passage to civilians.


Slain Hezbollah operative's role shrouded in mystery

Some sources say Samir Kantar was setting up a resistance movement in Golan Heights against Israeli occupation.


Hezbollah chief vows to retaliate for Kantar killing

Leader Hassan Nasrallah says group will "respond to the assassination" as mourners attend commander's funeral.

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Why are Lebanon's Palestinians leaving for Europe?

As Syrians continue to flee to Europe, marginalised Palestinians in Lebanon are now choosing to migrate as well.

War & Conflict

Lebanese army and al-Nusra Front conduct prisoner swap

Qatari-brokered deal secures release of 16 Lebanese security officers seized by Syrian group in exchange for 13 people.

Journalism under fire

Tackling Lebanese corruption – one photo at a time

Meet the man reporting on the stories some of Lebanon's most powerful people would rather you didn't know about.

Middle East

Haidar's story: Orphaned by an ISIL bomb in Beirut

The three-year-old was rescued from the lap of his badly burned mother and still asks when she will return for him.

Middle East

Hezbollah chief vows to continue fight against ISIL

Hassan Nasrallah makes statement after double bombings in southern Beirut killed 43 people and left over 200 injured.


Lebanon bombings cast shadow over political progress

Beirut blasts have brought back fears of cyclical violence, as parliament struggles to overcome political deadlock.

War & Conflict

Deadly suicide attack rocks southern Beirut

Lebanese health ministry says at least 41 dead and 200 injured in two blasts in the Burj al-Barajneh area.