Nir Rosen


Syria's Alawite activists stuck in the middle

Despite fears of sectarianism if the regime falls, some in the Alawite minority are speaking out against Assad.


The battle for Homs

Government forces appear determined to regain control of opposition-held areas in restive Syrian city.


A tale of two Syrian villages: Part two

Communities are divided, with Alawite and Sunni villages each blaming the other for rising sectarianism.

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A tale of two villages

A journey through Syria reveals deep-seated fears and prejudices held between Alawite and Sunni communities.

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Assad's Alawites: An entrenched community

Nir Rosen spends time deep inside Syria's pro-regime Alawite community.


Assad's Alawites: The guardians of the throne

Syria's Alawite community have a history of persecution, but dominate the ruling family's security forces.


A conversation with Grand Mufti Hassoun

Grand Mufti Hassoun, whose 22-year-old son was recently assassinated in Syria, is a supporter of Bashar al-Assad.


The tides of mosques

Protesters were hoping Ramadan would prove a turning point, yet the powerful regime managed to quash most dissent.


Syria's symphony of scorn

Criticism of the Assad regime spreads wider, as families grieve for protesters who have been killed in the crackdown.

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Ghosts in the mosques

Opposition to the Syrian regime runs deep, as women, children, and the elderly take part in the resistance.


Armed defenders of Syria's revolution

Nir Rosen discusses instances of armed clashes between Syrian army defectors and state security forces.


Syria: The revolution will be weaponised

Journalist Nir Rosen discusses armed struggle with army officers who have defected to join the opposition.