Nikolas Kozloff


Does Ukraine have an anti-Semitism problem?

Ukraine had one of the lowest levels of reported anti-Semitism incidents in Europe - just 13 cases l


Edward Snowden and Washington's revolving-door culture

The recent NSA leak reveals the disturbing extent to which the US' government and corporate sectors have merged.

Latin America

Washington's war on Cuba and Venezuela

From the Kissinger files to 'Cablegate', America's counter-productive campaign only served to inflame public opinion.

Latin America

Venezuela: Prospects fading for truly revolutionary change

If Chavez was serious about the "revolutionary change", he would have devised a plan to "dismantle the petro state".


How Hugo Chavez botched the Arab Spring

If Venezuela had sensible leftist leadership, the country would have pursued a more level-headed approach toward Syria.

Latin America

Chavez needs a successor, but lacks good instincts

Chavez seems reluctant to promote other figures within his coalition who might rival his own power.

Syria's Civil War

Syria and the moral decline of the American Left

Unlike Mubarak, who was tied to Washington, Assad's regime has been at political loggerheads with the US over the years.


The domestic and international implications of Venezuela's vote

A win by Capriles could drastically change Venezuela's political landscape.


Is Brazil the inheritor of the Portuguese empire in Africa?

China has been under scrutiny as it invests in Africa, but another player has been largely ignored: Brazil.


Chomsky, Ali, and the failure to challenge the authoritarian left

The left sees itself as intellectually superior to the right, but has not done enough to demonstrate it.

Latin America

Brazil torn in different directions

Due to competing interests, the emerging world power's foreign policy is being pulled between pragmatism and idealism.


What is Washington up to in the Chaco region?

Cables released by WikiLeaks show a strong US interest in vast area spanning Paraguay, Bolivia and northern Argentina.