Nick Turse


Waterboarding Americans and the redefinition of torture

Water torture has been a US military staple since the beginning of the 20th century.

US & Canada

'So many people died'

The American system of suffering, from 1965 till now.


A failed formula for worldwide war

How the empire changed its face, but not its nature.


Afghanistan's base bonanza

The US military has maintained a global inventory of more than 1,000 foreign bases, writes Turse.

US & Canada

Washington puts its money on proxy war

The US has been training, advising and conducting joint exercises all over the world with "proxy war on its mind".


Obama's scramble for Africa

US military operations on the continent have accelerated far beyond the more limited actions of the Bush years.


The decade of war to come

War, in the form of proxies, drones and special ops, has accelerated around the globe under the Obama administration.


Winners and losers: The US Army's top soldier talks victory in Iraq

The US Army's Sergeant Major says the US won the war in Iraq - but makes several awkward caveats.

US & Canada

Obama's arc of instability

The presence of US forces in dozens of countries across the global South makes the world more volatile, says author.


The US military's secret military

Special US commandos are deployed in about 75 countries around the world - and that number is expected to grow.


Hueys over Yemen: How to arm a dictator

Is US aid suppressing another struggle for freedom in the Middle East?


Stop the presses, literally in Iraq

The US military praises Iraqi security forces as they crack down on press freedom.