Naomi Wolf


Spies versus scribes

At a recent taping of a US TV show, former spies and recipients of leaked information confronted each other onstage.

US & Canada

Ending India's rape culture

Women and men who support freedom of movement and safety from sex crimes are being forced to "refight that battle".


Arming the asylum

Studies show that the US surpasses other developed countries in deaths from gun violence with 30,000 per year.

Science & Technology

CISPA: The Keyboard Cops

The clampdown on Internet freedom comes in the guise of a new bill that should give online entrepreneurs nightmares.

US & Canada

America's Islamic blind spots

Burning a conquered people's sacred texts sends an unmistakable message: you can do anything to these people, says Wolf.

Arts & Culture

An Iraqi film hero in America

Filmmaker Oday Rasheed is in Manhattan for the opening of his new film - 'Qarantina'.


The streets of 2012

State and corporate actors everywhere are learning how to repress protesters while maintaining democratic facades.

US & Canada

The American hangover

Trends in American leisure activities reflect a change - frugality and making do are in, gaudy consumerism is out.


The people versus the police

Corporate bosses worry that citizens will reclaim their rights during Occupy protests, says an arrested activist.

US & Canada

The price of oppressing your women

A recent Newsweek article listed the best and worst places to be a woman, and explained the disadvantages of oppression.

US & Canada

David Cameron's 'Great Expectations'

Proposals to cut back on social safety nets in the United Kingdom risk returning the country to a Dickensian era.


America's reactionary feminists

What do Palin and Bachmann have that make them so appealing to the American public?