NAJ Taylor


Responsibly protecting Syrians

In push for attacks on Syria, speculation has become fact and expert opinion derided as pure fantasy.


The decay of Australia's nuclear ethic

Australia must use its new position in the UN Security Council to push for conciliation with Iran.


The Middle East needs to be a nuclear-weapons-free zone

People of the region should pressure their governments to publicly commit to a Middle East free of nuclear weapons.


Since when has the Middle East sought to be WMD-free?

Achieving a WMD-free Middle East is now more complex after the Arab revolutions as new polities are emerge.


Arab despots and the chemical weapons taboo

Weapons norms matter, and are a major reason why despots in the Arab world have not deployed chemical weapons.

US & Canada

Teargas: Or, the state as atmo-terrorist

Toxic chemicals are often banned in warzones, but permitted in order to control a state's own citizens.


The flaws of Obama's arms control initiative

The Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, South Korea, will likely antagonise North Korea and Iran.


Iran is just the new Israel

Iran's atomic energy programme calls into question the sustainability of Israel's own nuclear ambiguity.


The chronicles of Saddam: Robert Manne, 'The Australian' and Iraq's WMD

A heated debate over the war in Iraq highlights the need for better, more critical political discourse in Australia.

Business & Economy

Investment bankers in drag

Dressing up "reponsible" investors in an "ethical" costume reveals the lack of morality in the finance industry.


Kim Jong-Il's nukes are good for nothing

The North Korean regime won't be protected by its nuclear arsenal.

Business & Economy

The paradox of a 'responsible' arms maker

The negative impact of arms manufacture calls for a closer look at corporate social responsibility.