Musaazi Namiti

Musaazi Namiti is an online editor and team leader with Al Jazeera English's Africa section and has occasionally written about East Africa, covering geopolitics and security.


Ebola is deadly but malaria steals more lives

African nations are in the grip of a notoriously virulent virus that has caused panic, but malaria r

War & Conflict

ICC still a deterrent despite major setbacks

Since its inception in 2002, the court has secured just one conviction and is accused of dispensing


Lesotho: Africa still more coup-prone than other continents

Many countries have embraced Western-style democracy but coups and attempted coups still happen.


Why SADC does not consider Mugabe a villain

Regional bloc ignores criticism levelled against Zimbabwe's leader and hands him its rotating chairm


US-Africa summit: Leaders need to get their act together

Occasional trips to Washington, Beijing, and Brussels by presidents cannot solve major problems.

Poverty & Development

Covering Africa in an engaging way

Readers can now look forward to original and exclusive Africa content from local journalists.


Uganda anti-gay bill close to becoming law

If president signs bill, gays could face long prison terms for consensual sex.


Analysis: Struggle for power in South Sudan

Attempted coup underscores the country's chronic political and economic problems.


Q&A: Is Africa finally on Obama's agenda?

Former US assistant secretary of state for African affairs Jendayi Frazer discusses Obama's extended trip to Africa.


Uganda walk-to-work protests kick up dust

Government crackdown on protesters continues as politicians vow to continue demonstration against spiralling prices.


Tsvangirai always had few options

Opposition pulls out of run-off election as violence against them grows.


Dethroning Mugabe no easy task

Opposition heads into run-off elections with the odds stacked against their candidate.