Mohamed A El-Erian

Business & Economy

The American recovery

The US economy needs a mix of steadfastness, caution and good luck for its full recovery.


The new international economic disorder

Though many lamented the extent of Western domination of the global economic system, is the emerging system any better?

US & Canada

The anatomy of global economic uncertainty

Economic chaos is ravaging Western countries, few of which are well-equipped to deal with major structural changes.

US & Canada

America at stall speed?

The longer politicians argue about how to solve the economic crisis, the smaller the chance of recovery becomes.

US & Canada

Pity the world's financial policymakers

Solving the current economic malaise involves swapping short-term pain for long-term gain, a tradeoff politicians fear.

Business & Economy

How risky is the global economy?

Although obstacles remain, recent data indicates that the world economy is on the path to growth, experts says.

Humanitarian crises

Understanding Japan's disasters

If recovery from the 1995 Kobe earthquake is a guide, then Japan has a long road ahead.