Michael Hudson


Obama versus Romney on the Middle East

There is a troubling opacity about Romney's Middle East positions with overtones of interventionism, writes scholars.


Leadership deficit on both sides prolongs the unfinished uprisings

As Arab Spring opposition groups enjoy popular legitimacy but lack power, they can't afford an unintelligent approach.


Groundhog Day in Palestine/Israel

The past six decades have seen many changes in world politics - the one thing that remains constant is the occupation.


Middle East Policy: A zero-sum game?

The Obama administration has failed to bridge the gap between the United States and the Muslim world.


Obama's missed opportunity

Obama's election in 2008 raised hopes among those sympathetic to the Palestinian situation that things might change.


The Osama drama: Is the play over?

Bin Laden's death may not spell the end of al-Qaeda, as actors with smaller roles look to stage further violent scenes.


Crackdown in Bahrain: Notes from the field

Despite the protests, the Al Khalifa family does not look like it will be dethroned, but that may come with a cost.


Re-legitimising the PA leadership

Stewards of Palestine's national cause have been caught between impatient populace and stubborn Israeli counterparts.