Matthaios Tsimitakis


Maximum security in times of austerity

A new type of maximum security prison reflects undemocratic austerity where law must provide security, but not justice.


Greece's 500

500 women have been courageously facing the Greek government and fighting for labour rights.


The unbearable lightness of European politics

Will EU pre-election media campaigns and TV debates capture the European voter's declining interest?


Celebrating the debris of Greek democracy

Greece's recent return to the bond markets does not indicate real economic, political or social recovery.


Did austerity cause a humanitarian crisis in Greece?

Will the Greek presidency of EU mark a new narrative for Europe and Greece?


Is Greece leading the way to a new European crisis?

A fragile political elite is navigating the country towards a new phase of social and political tension.


Golden Dawn is a product of Greece's crisis

Xenophobic neo-Nazi groups like Golden Dawn thrive during times of economic crisis.


The public broadcaster's closure in Greece ignites a new political crisis

The recent closure of ERT in Greece has changed everything - whether it is ultimately approved or not.


Where is Greece now?

Greece is planning to change the law for the creation of unions and limiting the right to strike.


Greece: A debt colony, shackled to its lenders

A new agreement between cash-strapped Greece and its eurozone lenders is bad for the Greek people and bad for democracy.


Europe at the crossroads

Following the Arab Spring of 2011, the European Autumn of 2012 is creating conditions for the development of a movement.


Fear politics - European style

The Greek government has embarked on a crusade to silence dissident voices by exercising fear politics.