Marwan Bishara

"Marwan Bishara is Al Jazeera's senior political analyst.

He was previously a professor of International Relations at the American University of Paris. An author who writes extensively on global politics, he is widely regarded as a leading authority on the Middle East and international affairs."



Top political minds from around the world analyse global powers and their agendas.

United States

The battle for world leadership

As the 20 leading economies meet in Hamburg, a truly multipolar world is finally emerging.


What is the Qatar-GCC showdown really about?

Was Trump duped? Is Qatar guilty?

Donald Trump

What made Trump can/will break Trump

The promise and peril of American democracy.


How will May 19 election shape Iran's foreign policy?

Al Jazeera's Marwan Bishara says the result of the election may have unintended consequences for Iran's regional policy.

North Korea

Three questions to Marwan Bishara on US and North Korea

Al Jazeera’s senior political analyst comments on the mystery behind the US policy shift on North Korea.

Middle East

3 questions to Marwan Bishara after US strike in Syria

Al Jazeera’s senior political analyst comments on the lead-up and aftermath of US missile strikes on a Syrian airbase.

US & Canada

Five thoughts to sober up the morning after Trump

The morning after Donald Trump's inauguration there a few things Americans should reflect on.

US & Canada

Mr Trump, meet Bond, James Bond: From Russia with love

The mystery surrounding British reports on Russia-Trump ties will have major ramifications.

US & Canada

Small hands big missiles: Trump's dangerous adolescence

What happens when two teenage leaders get access to nuclear weapons?

Human Rights

2016 has gone to the dogs: Good riddance to a bad year

This is the year that added insult to injury, as disagreement translated into indecency, and arrogance bred incivility.


What went wrong? A withering West

How the West is wobbling under the pressures of its neoliberal and geopolitical overreach.