Marwaan Macan-Markar


Philippines seeks US help to counter China

The United States and the Philippines will hold combat drills together to counter China's rising influence in the area.


Vietnam, Laos split over Mekong dam

Rice farms and fishermen will be disturbed, Vietnam says of ambitious plans by its ally, Laos.

Business & Economy

China opens new markets for Asia

As labour costs increase, China turns to its neighbours to supply what it once produced locally.


Will Myanmar's Suu Kyi stay free?

Myanmar's pro-democracy leader released from house arrest by the military, but some worry her freedom won't last.


How relevant is Aung San Suu Kyi?

If released from house arrest, the icon of Myanmar's democracy movement will be entering a new political landscape.


Military rule haunts Burma election

As 'elections' approach, Burma's elite seems split between supporters of past and present military rulers.


Burma opposition relies on radio

As "election" approaches in military-rule Burma, human rights groups distribute radios to rural voters.


Political wounds linger in Thailand

Analysts agree that Thailand is witnessing growth of a political voice from rural areas.