Mark Perry

Mark Perry is a Washington DC based foreign policy analyst, reporter and the author of nine books on US political and military history.


How Jeff Sessions should remind Americans of the past

The Jeff Sessions lie about his meetings with Russian officials has brought the Trump administration to a crossroads.


Gun control in the US is not a fantasy

The gun lobby in the country will lose the debate over guns - but not just yet.


The US election is about the past

This election is about holding those responsible for the thousands of dead in Iraq and the bankruptcy of the country.


Do Jewish votes matter in the US election?

Increasing numbers of US politicians conclude that distancing from Israel does little to harm their political standing.


Israel's democracy myth

Israel's attack of a Hezbollah convoy is more complicated than we think, writes Perry.


'Mr Drone': That 'other' Obama nominee and the American 'mainstream'

While Chuck Hagel is taking all the US attention, few have noticed the nomination of John Brennan to head the CIA.

US & Canada

The 'war on terror' and the Arab Spring

If it's in the national interest of the US and its allies to support change in the Arab world, then it is time to do so.


How Israel threw Barack Obama 'under the bus'

Contrary to Romney's claim, it was Obama who was thrown under the bus by Israel, not vice versa.


Two plus two equals four

If you utter a falsity often enough, you believe it. That is the case when we mistake dictators as being democratic.


When Montgomery comes to Nabi Saleh

As the nonviolence movement in Palestine continues to be threatened, knowledge of its existence remains minimal at best.


The US role as Israel's enabler

George Mitchell's message means the United States is out of touch with Palestinian realities.


Dayton's mission: A reader's guide

Mark Perry explains what The Palestine Papers reveal about Gen. Keith Dayton's training mission in the West Bank.