Mark LeVine

Mark LeVine is a professor of Middle Eastern History at University of California, Irvine, and a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Lund University. 


What is behind Israel's attempt to ban Al Jazeera?

Does Netanyahu need a smoke screen for his corruption scandal or is there a more sinister reason for banning Al Jazeera?

Latin America

Why Cuba's future could be more promising than the US'

If Trump et al do not spoil Cuba's transition, it could develop into a model welfare democracy.

Business & Economy

Dear Jeff Bezos, remember that charity begins at home

Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos asked for help giving away his billions. How about paying his workers a living wage?

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Accepting the apartheid label will normalise Israel

Admitting the reality of apartheid is the first step towards a peaceful and democratic future in Israel and Palestine.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

What did the UN apartheid report expose in reality?

As Israel moves towards confronting apartheid, the questions raised by the report will become impossible to avoid.

Human Rights

Human rights: From Obama to Trump

The dangerous erosion of human rights structures and practices under Obama will reach dangerous proportions under Trump.

United States

Who's conning whom in Donald Trump's America

Voting for Trump was not voting for a con man; rather, it was a strategic action to maintain a fragile privilege.


Clinton, Trump, and the ends of great power hypocrisy

The hypocrisy of the politicians stinks almost as much as the corpses of the dead.

US Elections 2016

How Donald Trump could make America great again

We don't have to vote for him to appreciate the realities exposed by the US' greatest reality TV star.


Israel-Palestine: A way to end the occupation

Palestinians retain several diplomatic "nuclear options" they could deploy if all hope for a solution fades.

War & Conflict

The BDS question at US universities

Why won't US educators condemn Israeli militarism?

Human Rights

An Italian student's death in Egypt and now we care?

Will Regeni's brutal murder force Egypt's Western partners to demand justice for Egyptians who suffer a similar fate?