Mark LeVine

War & Conflict

Obama and the myth of the generational war

Whatever the outcome of the Iran talks, Obama's larger regional policies and absence of vision will fail the world.

War & Conflict

Why war keeps knocking on Gaza's door

In Gaza, international humanitarian law becomes part of the war cycle, legitimising violence against Palestinians.

Human Rights

Mohamed Soltan's price of freedom

Mohamed Soltan accepted exile and loss of citizenship as the price of being released, but the choice was hardly 'free'.


The quantum mechanics of Israeli totalitarianism

To understand how it feels to be a Palestinian, you need to think like a particle physicist, not a social scientist.

War & Conflict

End deaths on the sea by ending the wars around it

Global capitalism and global war have always driven large-scale human migration.


Zionist movement or Jewish home?

Israelis and Palestinians must accept that self-determination can no longer be understood in purely territorial terms.

Human Rights

Egypt's Ultras: Fast and furious

Egypt's fearless Ultras can take the blows and continue fighting government injustice.

Arts & Culture

The problem with the Grammys

The Grammys must bring in artists at the cutting edge of global popular music into the mainstream.


Marching to the Afrobeat

If Nigeria's young artists find their critical voice, a Nigerian Spring might arrive soon.


Tunisia still on the brink

Four years after Ben Ali's ouster, the same dynamics that radicalised the killers of Paris are present in Tunisia.


Why Charlie Hebdo attack is not about Islam

Charlie Hebdo massacre is rooted in generations of violence, hypocrisy and greed.


Why Tunisia succeeded where Egypt failed

The situation in Tunisia remains perilous despite the smooth parliamentary and presidential elections.