Marcela Valente


Argentina makes progress on past injustices

During 2012, nearly 400 suspects faced trials for crimes committed during a military dictatorship three decades ago.


Hopes grow on shrinking ozone hole

Some scientists believe the ozone layer, protecting earth from the sun's ultraviolet radiation, could be recovering.


Argentine baby theft trial nears end

The trial for the theft of babies of political prisoners during the country's 1976-1983 dictatorship is nearing its end.


Argentina's Kirchner re-elected by landslide

Christina Fernandez Kirchner and her centre left party win nearly 54 per cent of the vote.


Argentina's incumbent poised for re-election

Cristina Kirchner's popularity ahead of Sunday's vote is attributed to her government's social and economic policies.


Argentina reviews regime's sex crimes

New revelations of sexual violence have brought hope to victims who suffered under "the last dictatorship".


Curbing foreign ownership of farmland

As international food prices continue to soar, land purchases by foreign investors face ban in much of Latin America.

Arts & Culture

Argentine Free Book Movement woos readers

In Buenos Aires, the 'City of Books', a novel idea sees books left in public places for readers to pick up and enjoy.

Latin America

Violence in the age of innocence

A UN study finds that progress has been slow in eliminating child abuse in Latin American countries.


Global garmet workers stitch unity

From Thailand to Argentina, textile cooperatives are forming links to challenge sweatshop exploitation.