Manuela Picq


The failures of Latin America's left

Leftist governments across Latin America are failing to follow a truly leftist direction.

Latin America

Conflict over water rights in Ecuador

Indigenous people protest over water rights, as Ecuador's government continues to ignore their demands.


Ecuador: Chronicle of a death foretold

The South American country has opened tract of indigenous land, a biodiversity hotspot, to oil drilling.


Rescuing the memory of Latin America

The Rios Montt trial helps rescue memories to construct alternative histories of Latin America.


Will California fall into the REDD trap?

Pseudo-scientific methods are used to commodify environment and turn forests into private assets, writes Picq.

Arts & Culture

An eye of one’s own

A heavily contested bi-annual event is showcasing the creative talent that exits throughout Latin America: POY Latam.


The IACHR against colonialism

Rather than repudiating the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights, it should be recognised as valuable tool.


Amazon roads: The beauty or the beast?

Road construction in the Amazon is destroying the local ecology and aiding in the increase of extractive industries.


Hasta la vista, Hugo

With the death of Chavez, a controversial, "polarising era" - that changed the political landscape - comes to an end.

US & Canada

Tribal jurisdiction with gender parity

Native women's decision-making processes must be empowered by not only ending racism, but also sexism.


Criminalising social protests

It is disheartening to see democratic governments criminalise social protests and revive the authoritarian practices.

US & Canada

A crime without a name

The nature of the attack on the student in New Delhi was so severe that it transcends the universal definition of rape.