Manuel Barcia

Dr Manuel Barcia is Professor of Latin American History at the University of Leeds.

Latin America

Trump and his Cuban promises

It will be ordinary Cubans who will suffer from Trump's absurd foreign policy on Cuba.

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro's anti-colonialist legacy

The Cuban leader was an energetic sponsor of socialist movements throughout Latin America and Africa.


Xenophobia and racism back in the Dominican Republic

It is ironic that a state whose citizens are discriminated against abroad, legalises racially discriminating measures.

US & Canada

Does the Nobel Peace Prize mean anything anymore?

The word 'peace' no longer seems to be an important criteria when judges award the prize.

US & Canada

The politics of Bongo Bongo Land

The seeming ignorance displayed by some European Parliament members tells us all we need to know about their character.


Guantanamo’s other history

Returning Guantanamo to Cubans may develop US-Cuba relations and create brighter opportunities for the entire Caribbean.

US & Canada

Niall Ferguson does a Romney

Keynes did not provoke the crisis we are living in - unchained capitalist speculation did, writes Barcia.


Why Thatcher's shadow still lingers over Latin America

The Iron Lady will remain just as divisive in death as she was in life, note authors.


The quaint mythology of Pope Francis

Will Pope Francis' past overrule his present and his future, limiting the scope of his contribution to the region?


Race and slavery: A look at 'Lincoln' and 'Django Unchained'

Because of Hollywood's reach and potential impact, films on race are "bound to inform (or misinform) the world".

US & Canada

Whatever happened to Kony 2012?

The Kony2012 filmmakers have failed in their purpose of bringing justice to the warlord's young victims.

Poverty & Development

Open access: Stakes are high at the debates over the future of scholarship

Publishers and academics should look into how to spread the costs and make research outputs more accessible to everybody