Lauren Carasik

Lauren Carasik is a clinical professor of law and the Director of the International Human Rights Clinic at Western New England University School of Law. 

Human Rights

Why Washington was a no show at human rights hearings

By sitting out IACHR hearings, the Trump administration signals its contempt for international accountability.


Donald Trump's cabinet bodes ill for the planet

The president-elect's appointments make it clear that we cannot rely on the government to protect the planet.


N Dakota pipeline protest is a harbinger of many more

We must understand that climate action, social justice and indigenous sovereignty are closely intertwined.

US Elections 2016

A dismal day for human rights in the US

While Trump's presidency might be more isolationist on foreign policy, it will be disastrous for human rights at home.

US Elections 2016

Donald Trump doubles down on deportation plan

His vitriol and demonisation of undocumented immigrants forecloses any constructive dialogue on the issue.


New UN secretary-general must commit to accountability

The candidates should not hesitate to commit to modelling the accountability the UN expects from its member states.

US Elections 2016

Can Hillary Clinton placate the divided left?

Some on the left remain deeply conflicted about submitting to the depressing repetition of "lesser evilism".


Donald Trump's dangerous demagoguery

The racialised and nativist hostility Trump has exploited will not evaporate with his defeat.


Honduras: Where the blood flows and the rivers are dammed

Dams funded by foreign investors are threatening the cultural heritage and livelihood of Honduras indigenous peoples.

US & Canada

The tragic tale of Guantanamo detainee #684

It's time for the US to release Mohammed Mattan, who has been languishing at Guantanamo for 11 years without charges.

US & Canada

Honduras: When will the US stop funding death squads?

It is time for the US to stop aid to Honduras as there is credible evidence of human rights abuses.

US & Canada

The long arc of justice in Guatemala

Although an eventual conviction of Rios Montt would be cathartic, it still won't solve the troubles plaguing Guatemala.