Laura Tyson


US' healthy path to fiscal health

The weak economy has made people to postpone consumption of health care services, writes Tyson.

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Why give corporations a tax break?

Reducing corporate tax rates will promote much needed investment in the US economy, by both US and foreign companies.


America's sequestered recovery

The sequester has no economic justification - it is the product of ideology and political stalemate.

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Meeting America's growth challenge

The United States needs a plan for faster growth, not more deficit reduction.

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Fiscal challenges and fiscal follies

The outlook for the US economy over the next few years hinges on what a deeply divided Congress decides.

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The wrong austerity cure

Imposing drastic cuts to services will not solve the banking crisis engulfing Europe.

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The corporate tax conundrum

Although it seems counter-intuitive, raising corporate tax rates is not a good way to help US workers.

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The global innovation revolution

A new study shows that the global landscape for innovation has changed significantly during the past decade.

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The US is facing three deficits

The US economy continues to face three major deficits - jobs deficit, investment deficit and long-run fiscal deficit.