Lana Asfour

Arts & Culture

Bringing Arab opera to a Western stage

A concert performance at London's Royal Opera House is a timely showcase of the Middle East's gifted artists.

Arts & Culture

The story of Bush and Blair's great lie

A film that reminds us exactly why Bush, Blair, and others in their administrations should stand trial.


How the Armenians came to live among Arabs

The Arab communities who helped Armenian refugees 100 years ago are now hosting different traumatised refugees.

Arts & Culture

ISIL and the history of destroying history

ISIL's iconoclasm is really about violent conquest, in which peoples and civilisations are threatened with extinction.


Sexism in Lebanon: Different and unequal

Lebanon's personal status and citizenship laws are sexist and create more statelessness.


Why is Ben Affleck defending Islam?

Ben Affleck's contribution to the debate proves you don't need to be a specialist to recognise racis

War & Conflict

Patronising the 'pretty' fighter jet pilot

Fighter jet pilot Mariam al-Mansouri is the UAE's poster girl for the ISIL campaign - as much as she