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Senegal rebels alienate those they fight for

A long-running movement for the independence of Casamance in southern Senegal is unlikely to succeed.


Gambian leader celebrates coup, not country

The West African state's autocratic president has elevated his coup d'etat over his country's independence.

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Long route to uniting Africa through trade

African states should aim for increased continental trade, but more political and economic stability is needed first.


Controversy of Abdoulaye Wade's presidential bid

Wade is attempting to run for a third term - potentially violating Senegal's constitution - sparking outrage.


The Gambia's elections leave little hope for change

Yahya Jammeh has been president for 17 years, presiding over a major increase in poverty.


What next for Gambian President Jammeh?

Yahya Jammeh has been reelected as president of the West African nation - now, will he try to become king?


Gambians head to the polls

The West African country will vote for a president on November 24, and longtime ruler Yahya Jammeh is expected to win.