Kiran Nazish

War & Conflict

Cizre in ruins as Turkey lifts curfew on Kurdish towns

Kurdish civilians returned to widespread destruction after months of fighting between Turkish forces and the PKK.


Turkey and PKK 'back to square one'

What is behind Ankara's major turnabout on the PKK?

War & Conflict

A precarious living for children in Iraq

Many young Syrian refugees and Iraqi IDPs lack access to education, and end up working for a few dollars a day.


'I witnessed the Peshawar massacre'

This is the testimony of 12-year-old Ali, survivor of the Peshawar massacre, as recorded by journalist Kiran Nazish.


Turkish-Kurdish relations threatened by ISIL

The stakes are high for Turkey if ISIL takes over Kobane, say Turkish analysts.

War & Conflict

Turkey 'there just to watch' in Kobane

Kurdish residents fighting ISIL in Syrian border town say Turkish government has failed to offer substantive assistance.

War & Conflict

'We will fight Daesh'

Violence in Ain al-Arab has prompted many Kurdish Syrians to flee to Turkey, but others are returning to battle ISIL.


Faces of the waning war in Kashmir

Former Kashmiri fighters face difficult challenges as they try to start new lives in Pakistani refugee camps.