Kevin P Gallagher


WTO on the brink, needs a rethink

A just global trade regime should be a priority on WTO agenda.

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What was heresy is now (still far from) endorsed as orthodox at the IMF

The International Monetary Fund is moving in the right direction, but still has more to do.


Trade rules should not constrain fixing global finance

Loose monetary policy and slow growth in the industrialised world has "caused a surge in harmful financial flows".

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Close the flood gates of speculative capital flows

The IMF should address the extent to which numerous trade and investment treaties violate the IMF Articles of Agreement.

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At 65, the IMF is changing - for the better

Though some of its troubling policies remain, the financial crisis has triggered constructive new thinking at the IMF.

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Yuan diplomacy

The US used 'dollar diplomacy' to gain influence in Latin America; now the Chinese are beating the US at its own game.