Kenneth Rogoff

Science & Technology

Will governmental folly allow for a cyber crisis?

Most politicians are incapable of making difficult choices until risks actually materialise.

Business & Economy

Why a more flexible renminbi still matters

The case for China's move to a more malleable exchange-rate regime remains strong.

Human Rights

Jeremy Lin and the political economy of superstars

Why does the public accept sky-high salaries for sports superstars, but not for superstars of business and finance?


Processed food and coronary capitalism

The food industry is characterised by market failures that pass external costs on to consumers and to society.

Business & Economy

Rethinking the growth imperative

Instead of focusing on increasing economic growth, shouldn't the focus be on long-term sustainability and durability?

US & Canada

Is modern capitalism sustainable?

Is there a viable option besides capitalism for today's world? Or is it possible to adjust the system to make it work?

Business & Economy

A gravity test for the euro

The IMF's former chief economist wonders why the euro is trading at a 40 per cent premium against the US dollar.

Business & Economy

The wrong tax for Europe

The European Commission's plan to tax financial transactions might prove counter-productive in the long run.

Business & Economy

Will the IMF stand up to Europe?

If the IMF does not push for dramatic reforms in the eurozone, its future and Europe's will be at stake.

Business & Economy

The second Great Contraction

The global economy is misdiagnosed as being in a "Great Recession", but the real problem is an overleveraged system.

US & Canada

Technology and inequality

Income disparity is the biggest threat to social stability around the world, and is being exacerbated by globalisation.

Business & Economy

The Euro's PIG-headed masters

Europe is in constitutional crisis and is in need of a sensible resolution of its peripheral countries' debt crisis.