Kate Mayberry

Kate Mayberry is an award-winning journalist and researcher, working across print, television, and online media. She has lived in Southeast Asia for more than two decades and was until 2014 a Senior Field Producer with Al Jazeera English in Kuala Lumpur. Follow her on Twitter: @kate_mayberry.


Port project threatens indigenous community in Malaysia

Concerns rise over government plans to build a 10,000-hectare port and industrial zone on traditional Mah Meri land.


Kuala Lumpur rally calls for stricter Islamic law

Push to allow Islamic courts to impose more severe punishments fuels fears of growing division in multiethnic nation.


Islamic conversion and custody conundrum in Malaysia

Child custody and conversions put Islamic and civil courts at odds with non-Muslims on the losing end of rulings.

Arts & Culture

Malaysia's social media rebels

Malaysians look to 'visual disobedience' as government tightens social media grip.


Malaysia's burning swamps and choking haze

How peat swamp destruction in Malaysia is causing devastating health problems and irreversible environmental damage.


First-class refugees: Malaysia's two-tier system

Malaysian government extends helping hand to Syrian refugees, as thousands of other refugees struggle in illegal limbo.


Malaysia's PM faces party amid debilitating scandals

The $700m "donation" into Najib Razak's bank account and corruption accusations could come to a head at UMNO assembly.


Q&A: Malaysia's Mahathir Mohamad on West vs ISIL

Veteran politician blasts Western policy in the Middle East and warns air strikes risk worsening Syria crisis.


Malaysia: Halting HIV and drug use with compassion

Innovative harm-reduction scheme has dramatically reduced infection rates, but donors are suffering HIV 'fatigue'.


Colour-coded racial tensions grow with Malaysia rallies

A counter protest by red-shirted demonstrators pits Malays against ethnic Chinese as public discord intensifies.

Death penalty

Executing drug dealers in Southeast Asia

Over the past decade some governments have abolished drug-related executions while others revived the death penalty.

Human Rights

Sedition returns to Malaysia's legal toolbox

Criticism mounts as Malaysia reverses political reform and tightens sedition laws to counter "terrorism" threats.