Kate Hudson


Nuclear Summit: Upgrade or downsize?

As world leaders gather to discuss securing fissile materials, nuclear arsenals remain the elephant in the room.


From Iran to Syria: diplomacy, not war, can bear fruit

Recent flurry of international meetings have advanced cooperation between countries more than threats of war.


The UK should consider scrapping nukes altogether

The UK could be a world leader by getting rid of their nuclear arsenal.

United Kingdom

Aldermaston: the UK’s nuclear legacy

As the British government looks to cut its spending, little sense exists in developing a new Nuclear weapons program.


Middle East security at the crossroads: Urgent need for a WMD-free zone

Preventative diplomatic action is needed to halt nuclear proliferation and ensure disarmament of WMD in the Middle East.


Time for NATO to face new realities

NATO's core function is still to advance US global interests and foreign policy goals.


Iran and Israel must both work for a nuclear-free Middle East

The West cannot ignore its own disarmament obligations if it wants to see peacefulness triumph over warmongering.