Kat Arney


Spotlight on the tobacco industry's role in smuggling

The UK and other countries must do more to stop the illegal trade and smuggling of tobacco products.


Marking the frontlines in the global war on cancer

Cancer is a problem around the world, but there are few 'one size fits all' solutions.


Tackling rare cancers must be an international effort

Making progress in treating rare cancers needs cross-border collaborative clinical trials.


Genetic "fine-tuners" and breast cancer

Small but powerful, researchers learn that molecules called microRNAs lend insight into occurrences of breast cancer.

Human Rights

Celebrity cancer stories: help or hindrance?

Famous faces grab the headlines, but their stories can spread confusion and misleading information about the disease.


From beer to eternity - how yeast is revealing cancer's secrets

Tiny yeast cells are helping researchers unravel the complex networks that drive cancer.


Tracking tumours with blood tests

Advances in genetic technology could enable doctors to monitor cancer with a simple blood test, writes Arney.