Kadir Ustun

Kadir Ustun is the Executive Director of the SETA Foundation in Washington, DC. 


It's time for the US to stop alienating its allies

Turkey's air strikes on PKK-affiliated groups in Iraq and Syria should be a wake-up call for the Trump administration.

Syria's Civil War

The US must heed Turkish concerns in Syria

If the US insists on supporting the YPG against Turkey's wishes, Syria's post-ISIL stability is going to be in peril.

Battle for Mosul

Why does Turkey care about Mosul?

Turkey is seeking to protect its economic and political interests in northern Iraq while fighting against PKK and ISIL.

War & Conflict

US alliance with Syrian PYD alienates Turkey

For the anti-ISIL strategy to succeed, having a serious strategic dialogue with Turkey would go a long way.

Humanitarian crises

Coalition's half-baked ISIL strategy won't work

Without the support of Syria's moderate opposition or boots on the ground, ISIL will only grow stron


Turkey's policy towards Syria is a success

Critics say Turkey's Syria policy doesn't work because Assad is not reforming - but the critics are wrong.