Joseph S Nye

Cyber Security

The Kremlin and the US election

Ambiguity surrounds the Russian intervention with the 2016 US elections and the measures taken to prevent it.

US Elections 2016

Donald Trump's emotional intelligence deficit

He has proved deficient in terms of self-control, leaving him unable to move towards the centre for general election.


Internet or splinternet?

The movement towards sovereign control of the internet is growing, and a degree of fragmentation already exists.

War & Conflict

Which way for US foreign policy?

Leadership by the most powerful country is important for the production of global public goods.


Energy independence in an interdependent world

By 2023, the US will export more energy than it imports.


The intervention dilemma

The problem with R2P is that motives are often mixed, and sometimes an intervention does more harm than good.

Science & Technology

Cyber war and peace

Greater dependence on networked computers and communication leaves the US more vulnerable to attack than others.


What's wrong with transformational leadership?

The US election campaign has been marked by calls from Republicans for a radical transformation in foreign policy.

US & Canada

When women lead the world

Would the world be more peaceful if women were in charge? A new book by Steven Pinker says that the answer is "yes".


Charisma we can believe in

This year's re-election campaigns will test the charisma of Obama in the United States and Sarkozy in France.


Obama's Pacific pivot

US policy towards a rising China indicates caution - not aggression.


Angela Merkel's 'vision thing'

Beyond implementing day-to-day policies, leaders need to communicate their "big ideas" if they want to inspire people.